Manual Food Push Chopper For Vegetables & Meat from $26.99
🥦🍗🔪Introducing our Manual Food Push Chopper for Vegetables & Meat! 🔪🍅🥕 Features: ✅TIME SAVER & CONVENIENT: Say goodbye to long hours of food preparation with our food chopper! Equipped with 4 stainless steel blades, this chopper quickly chops your food. Plus, its portable design makes it easy to clean and dishwasher safe. ✅SAFE TO USE : Keep your hands safe from the sharp blades and chop your food in seconds by simply slapping the top part. The silicone anti-skid pad on the bottom ensures safe operation on smooth surfaces. The blades are also wrapped by a plastic protector. ✅WIDE APPLICATION OF USAGE: Our multi-purpose hand chopper can cut lettuce, fruits, onions, garlic, herbs, and more! With a 2L capacity, it's perfect for any occasion, whether it's a party or a family gathering. It's also a great gift idea for any occasion! ✅PORTABLE AND COMPACT: Take our mini chopper with you anywhere! It's portable and compact, making it perfect for camping trips or RV adventures. It's small enough to carry and store easily. ✅DURABLE AND PREMIUM QUALITY: Our hand food chopper has been stress-tested intensively and over thousands of users without any issues. It's 100% BPA-free, making it safe for food use.   ✅WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR: Don't miss out on the convenience and power of our hand chopper. Try it now and make your life easier and better! Specifications: Material: Plastic Blade Material: Stainless Steel Sizes: Small,Medium Large Packege includes: 1*Manual Food Push Chopper For Vegetables & Meat
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Wall-Mounted Mobile Phone Charging Storage Box $14.99 $35.98
🏠 Keep your home organized with our amazing storage box! ☺ The item is user-friendly and can be picked up at any time for use. It also provides more convenient storage options.👌🏼This product has a strong adhesive and is 100% waterproof, making it suitable for use in any area, including the bathroom and kitchen. It can be applied to most smooth wall surfaces, such as glass, wood, marble, plastic, metal, and more!No additional glue or screws are required!:  The Storage Box can be repositioned or removed without leaving any residue behind. 🧼 👌 Fast and easy storage solution for your cluttered home🛍️ Don't wait, grab yours now! Main Features: Distinctive and original design: store remote controls, mobile phones, stationery, makeup brushes, combs, and more! Unique hook design on both sides for storing data cables, earphones, head straps, and keys.📱Portable Holder for Your Phone: use as a bedside mobile phone storage box with a charging port at the bottom. Easily charge your phone while it's stored, eliminating the trouble of no place to store it when charging. 🛠️Simple Installation Process: no drilling is required! Each storage box comes with double-sided tape. Just wipe the wall clean, paste the adhesive, press, and wait for 12 hours before use.🔍 Versatile and Widely Applicable: use super double-sided tape to glue it to the wall, table, closet, bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, and more.👌🏼Superior-Quality Materials:  Crafted from premium-grade, flame-retardant, and eco-friendly ABS materials, this item is both durable and non-toxic, while also being odorless, sturdy, and stable. 💪🌿📝Application Instructions: Specifications:  Weight Product Weight: 55G Package Weight: 62G Product Size(L x W x H) 10 × 9.5 × 3cm / 3.9 × 3.7 × 1.2inches Package Contents Wall-Mounted Mobile Phone Charging Storage Box × 2PCS/5PCS Material ABS Color White, Yellow, Green, Blue, Pink Package includes: 1*Wall-Mounted Mobile Phone Charging Storage Box
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Fruit Spiral Knife $19.99 $44.98
🥒 "Spice Up Your Cooking Routine with our Fun and Functional Fruit Spiral Knife!" 🍉 🍎🍌🍆 Want to add some fun to your healthy cooking? Try our Fruit Spiral Knife! 🥒 This kitchen tool is easy to use and allows you to create tasty spirals out of your fruits and veggies. 🌀 Get creative and make your meals more exciting with our fun and functional knife! key Features: Blend the world of art and food together🍴:  this innovative kitchen tool lets you cut fruits and vegetables into spiraling coils, adding an artistic touch to salads, charcuterie boards, appetizers, and more! Truly special and extraordinary Blades!:  equipped with sharp circular blades that easily cut through your products with little waste, saving you time and effort. Countless ways Of Use:  use it to cut various fruits and veggies such as potatoes, cucumbers, carrots, bananas, apples, and more. Comfortable handle:  the comfortable grip provides effortless twisting, making it easy to use even for kids and seniors. Top-notch material: made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this knife is built to last even with intensive daily use. Effortlessly simple to operate and user-friendly!: simply remove the handle, pierce the stick through the fruit or veggie up to the blades, return the handle, and start twisting for delicious spiraled delights! 🔪 The circular blades on our Fruit Spiral Knife effortlessly slice through fruits and veggies, making healthy meal prep a breeze! 💪🏼 Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, it's not only durable but also 100% washing machine safe.👍🏼 Get creative with your cooking and add a fun twist by picking up one or two of these awesome knives today! 🌟Specifications: Material: Stainless Steel, Plastic Product Includes 1 x Fruit Spiral Knife
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5 Blade Kitchen Salad Scissors $19.99 $39.98
🌿 Introducing the X-Chef 5-Blade Herb Shear Set - the perfect kitchen tool for herb lovers! Unique Features of the X-Chef 5-Blade Herb Shear Set: Cut Herbs in Seconds!✂️ With its 5 sharp blades, this herb shear set can snip fresh herbs, basils, or chives onto plates quickly and easily. No more struggling with a knife and cutting board, save time and effort with perfect-sized herbs in seconds!💪 Superior Quality Design💪 Made with a heavy-duty steel rivet, these blades are securely held together for consistent performance. The ergonomic handle provides a comfortable and good grip for cutting, chopping, or mincing.Effortless Cleaning🧼 Cleaning is a breeze with the X-Chef 5-Blade Herb Shear Set. Made of quality stainless steel, it is dishwasher safe, and the cleaning comb helps remove lingering herbs or chives in just a few swipes.🔒 Safe and Secure to use👌 Safety is always a top priority; this herb shear set is no exception. Made of food-grade stainless steel, it allows direct food contact, and the cover case protects the blades and prevents finger cuts for optimal handling safety. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1*5 Blade Kitchen Salad Scissors
Drawer Type Egg Storage Box from $28.99 $57.98
🎁💐 Share the love with your family and friends by gifting them our unique Drawer Type Egg Storage Box!🥚If you're in search of an egg storage box, the best option available is the New Drawer Type Egg Storage Box.🥚 What makes us the best choice? 1. The drawer design offers high capacity and is also convenient, providing protection against dust and moisture.👌🏼2.🧹 Frees up space and 🛑 Stops eggs from rolling and colliding.3.🕳️ The product contains ventilation holes on both sides to keep your eggs as fresh as a daisy and help them breathe and remain flavorful.This product is exactly what I needed! I can now easily store 24 eggs at once and stack other items on top of it. It has eliminated the need for shuffling items around in my fridge to access everything. Even my husband was impressed with how great of an idea it is, and he isn't usually someone who notices such things!Rachel O Features: 🚪 Smooth-pulling drawer for easy access and organization. 🌡️ Dust-proof and moisture-proof to keep your eggs fresh and clean. ❤️ High capacity storage to accommodate up to 20 eggs per layer. 💪 Anti-collision grooves to prevent eggs from rolling and breaking. 🌟 Space-saving and stackable design to keep your refrigerator organized and clean. 🌬️ Breathable holes on both sides to ensure optimal ventilation and freshness. 📝 Freshness mark table to help you keep track of the age of your eggs. 🎨 Available in four attractive colors: White, Pink, Green, and Blue. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: ppColor: White/Pink/Green/BlueProduct size: 29*22*7.5cm Package includes: 1x Drawer Type Egg Storage Box
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GreaseAway Powder Cleaner $16.99 $33.98
🧼 Say goodbye to stubborn grease, grime, and tough stains with Magical GreaseAway Powder Cleaner! 🙌 🕒 In just 30 seconds, this powerful formula will break through tough grease and grime with added corrosion inhibitors to protect against flash rust instantly. 🌟 Not only does it remove stubborn stains, but it also leaves a non-greasy, matte finish, and a long-lasting protective coating effect that repels dust and dirt. 🧹 Suitable to use on a wide range of surfaces, including fabrics, canvas, finished leathers, PVCs, glass, vinyls, plastics, rubbers, metals, gel coats, and more! FEATURES: Instant grease removal: Remove oil, grease, grime, and dirt from your stainless steel surfaces in seconds! Easy cleaning: Simply clean all your kitchen utensils, stove, sink, and more with no scrubbing required! Shiny polish: No more dusty, rusty, or sticky surfaces. Leave a glossy finish like new! 100% damage-free: Safely use on any stainless steel and chrome surfaces without damaging them! Long-lasting protection: Form a protective coating that helps to repel dust and dirt, keeping your surfaces clean for longer! 📦 PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1x  GreaseAway Powder Cleaner 👉 Get Magical GreaseAway Powder Cleaner today and experience the magic for yourself!
USB rechargeable electric garlic grinder from $24.99 $49.98
🎁 Looking for the perfect gift for your loved ones? Look no further than this USB-charging electric garlic grinder! 👨‍🍳 With its lightning-fast grinding speed, you can grind garlic and meat in just 3 seconds, making meal prep easier than ever before.🥕 But this multifunctional grinder isn't just for garlic and meat - it's great for nuts, squash, onions, and other veggies too! Features: Portable Mini Wireless Chopper Electric, perfect for small kitchens, RVs, travel, and camping. Easy one-touch operation saves you time and effort. Portable USB charging with a silicone protective cover for safety. Safe BPA-free bowl, ideal for preparing baby food and light foods. Waterproof design and whole body washability for easy cleaning. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: PC, PP plastic, stainless steel Power supply: USB charging Blade: 304 stainless steel Capacity: 100ml/250ml PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1* USB Rechargeable Electric Garlic Grinder
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Baby Foot Length Measuring Device $14.99 $29.98
👶🏻👟 Never worry about buying the wrong size of baby shoes again with our Premium Baby Foot Length Measuring Device! High-quality material:Crafted from high-quality ABS, our products are made to last through countless uses. The polished surface of our product adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space. The Ultimate Measuring Solution for Your Little One: Designed with parents in mind, our innovative measuring tool makes it easy to choose the perfect shoe size for your little one. With a 💯% accuracy rate, our tool provides reliable results every time. 🎁 Keep a Special Memento of Your Baby's Foot Growth:As your child's feet grow, you can use our measuring device to find the perfect shoe size, and then save it as a precious keepsake. Effortless and User-Friendly! 🙌🏼:👍🏼 Simply pull the scale and place your baby's feet into the device for a precise and reliable measurement.📏 Customize Your Measurement Range!:👶 Our baby foot measuring device comes with an adjustable range of 0-20 cm / 0-7.87 inches, suitable for children from 0 to 8 years old.🔍 Specifications: 🔢Range: Approx. 7.8 inch / 0-20cm📏 Size: Approx. 22.7x9x2.5cm 🌟 Material: Premium ABS 🎨 Color: Yellow, Red, Green, Blue 📦 Package Includes: 1 x Baby Foot Length Measuring Device
Soap Dispensing Palm Brush from $16.99 $33.98
🍽️ Wave farewell to revolting sponges and greet a tidier kitchen with  Soap Dispensing Palm Brush! 🧼🍽️  Are you tired of constantly refilling soap for your dishwashing brush? Looking for an easier and more comfortable way to clean dishes? Well, look no further than Soap Dispensing Palm Brush!  Here are just a few of the benefits you'll enjoy with  Soap Dispensing Palm Brush: 🤗 Easy accessibility or usability With the built-in soap dispenser, you can effortlessly dispense soap without the need for frequent refilling. ⏰🕑 Reduces time consumption By using the brush, you can swiftly and effectively clean dishes without getting your hands dirty. 💦🧼🍽️ 🧼👍 Promotes cleanliness and good hygiene.   The brush bristles can be detached and cleaned effortlessly, inhibiting the proliferation of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. 🦠🚫💪 🚀👉 Occupies minimal space. The kit includes a storage caddy that enables you to store the brush and soap together in a single location, conserving valuable countertop space. 🧹🧼💺Feature: Made with PET/Steel,  Soap Dispensing Palm Brush is perfect for use on your stove, wash basin, tile, and more! 🧹 Package includes: 1*  Soap Dispensing Palm Brush  
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Avocado Cubes Slicer $14.99 $29.98
🥑 Slice and dice your avocados like a pro with our Easy Avocado Slicer Shea Corer Butter Fruit Peeler Cutter Pulp Separator! 🥑  🔪 Say goodbye to uneven slices and hello to perfectly cut cubes for salads, soups, and other dishes. The sturdy stainless-steel wires make slicing a breeze! 🔪 🙌 Our ergonomic design allows you to effortlessly align the corner into half the avocado, push down, twist, and lift to achieve neat and even slices in seconds. Plus, it helps to reduce waste by picking up all the flesh! 🙌 💪 Built to last, our avocado corer is made of durable stainless steel and BPA-free ABS plastic handle to provide long-lasting use. 💪 Features that make this avocado corer stand out: 💚 Made of eco-friendly ABS material, our corer is high-temperature resistant, safe, and odorless. The 304 grid-shaped blade removes the core and cuts the pulp into small pieces. 💚 👌 With its fine craftsmanship and polished smooth body, our corer won't hurt your hands. Plus, it can be used for cutting avocado and making fruit salad - it's versatile! 👌 SPECIFICATIONS:Material: ABS+304 stainless steelColor: greenSize: about 16*5cm/6.30*1.97inVantages: high-temperature resistance, safe and tasteless, anti-corrosion, no discoloration, easy to clean.Use: corer, fast slicing, DIY fruit salad. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Avocado Cube Maker
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Garlic Press $14.99 $29.98
Have you bought garlic presses before? 🤔 Maybe you've faced difficulties 😩 like being hard to use, clean, poor quality, and taking too much time ⏰ with your old garlic press. 😎 But don't worry! Choose our garlic press and say goodbye to all these troubles! 👋 🚿 Cleans in just seconds! 🚰💦 Rinse under running water or 🍽️🧼 run through the dishwasher. 🧄👋 Say goodbye to the garlicky smell on your fingers! 🧄💪 With this garlic press, you can crush 2-3 cloves at once! Yay! 👐👃 No more dirty or smelly hands! 🚫🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 This Garlic Press is made with 💯% premium stainless steel and high-quality silicone, ensuring durability, corrosion resistance, and no rust. Package includes: 1*Garlic Press
Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder from $9.99 $19.98
Say goodbye to cluttered spaces with the Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder. This innovative product is perfect for organizing power boards, remote controls, tissue boxes, routers, adapters, and more. It can be used in various areas of your home or office, including the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom wall, glass, tile, and more.FEATURES 👍 Fixer for power strips--The Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder is specially designed for power strips, making it easy to install and keep your area neat and tidy. 👍 Widely Compatible--This power strip mount holder works with Belkin, GE Power Strip, TESSAN, Bototek, Prime Wire & Cable, and many other mountable power strips. 👍Separable and Reusable-- The slide design is convenient for fixing and separating, and the reusable acrylic gel allows for easy cleaning and maintenance of adhesion. Installation is simple and fast with its punch-free, self-adhesive, transparent acrylic adhesive that leaves no residue. With a maximum load bearing of up to 5kg, this product is both practical and durable. 👍Simple and Fast Installation--Please note that these wall hooks are not suitable for painted walls and may cause damage to the paint. The product is made of ABS, weighs 50g, and measures 10.240.7 cm. It is available in blue, orange, green, and white, making it a stylish addition to any home or office. Caution:  The use of these wall hooks on painted surfaces may cause damage to the paint. It is not recommended to use them on painted walls. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: ABS Weight: 50 g Size: 10.2*4*0.7 cm Color: Blue, Orange, Green, White Occasions: home/ office PACKAGE INCLUDE: 1PC * Adhesive Punch-free Socket Holder
-50% sale
The 360°Hanger- Save up space in your closet $12.99 $25.98
🧐 Tired of cluttered closets and constant reorganizing? 🤯 Introducing our 360°Hanger, the solution for maximizing your storage space! 💪🏼 With 9 holes to hang your clothes vertically and a heavy-duty reinforced plastic build, this hanger is a must-have solution for anyone looking to improve their closet organization. 💥 Space Saver 💥 Our Magic Hanger can hang 9 clothes at once, making it a game changer for those who need to save closet space. 🙌🏼 Just rotate and fold it to hang vertically and voilà! 🤩 Built from heavy-duty reinforced plastic, it's strong enough to hang even your heaviest winter jackets. 💪 Why do our customers love it?: SUPER SPACE SAVING - With its nine holes, the Magic Hanger lets you hang nine pieces of clothing at once! When you're done, simply rotate and fold the hanger to hang your clothes vertically, freeing up a ton of extra space in your closet! DESIGNED TO LAST LONGER - Our hanger is made from high-quality PP material, strong enough to hang up to 6 kg of items, including those heavy winter jackets. 🧥  🔄360-Degree Rotation 🔄 - With a built-in buckle, this hanger can be rotated and hung vertically or horizontally to maximize your home space and keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free. 🙌🏼 💆‍♀️ Safe and Comfortable 💆‍♀️ - The hanger's edge is round and smooth, protecting your clothes and your hands. 💕
-50% sale
Pocket Cosmetic Bag $14.99 $29.98
As a gift for your loved ones, this  Pocket Cosmetic Bag will be perfect! Every girl needs a small delicate bag to ensure that the big bag is not messy. Convenient to find something anytime outdoors.Organize your belongings neatly and orderly. Small & Exquisite: It fits easily into your bagWaterproof leather, stain resistant: Made of high-quality  PU leather, don't worry about your small bag being damagedFine wiring, long-term use: Every product is hand-sewn and carefully craftedSpecification: Color:Yellow、Pink、Light Blue、Grey、Black、Dark Blue、Green、Dark Grey Size:4.7 * 4.5 in
-50% sale
Non-Stick Cookie Stamp Set $24.99 $49.98
Make cute cookies with 1 Easy StampCreatively stamps themed features Christmas elements, Easter designs, unique patterns, and cute animal shapes! It gives a warm and fun design that will meet your needs. FEATURES Instant Cookie Molder: Sturdily reliable with an instant stamp molder effect! A time-saving baking tool that can be applied for a long time cooking. Non-Stick Material: A  perfect gift for baking lovers with its hassle-free stamping on your cookies! Accurately molds moon cakes, cakes, biscuits, pastries, soaps, etc. Ergonomic Handle: Safely stamp without slipping with the ergonomic design of this product!  Easy to Use: Easy stamp and release! Shapes any theme you want with the soft and heat-resistant feature, Widely Applicable: Instantly creates different sizes of cookies, shortbread cookies, or mooncakes. Also great for making bath bombs, bath fizzes, and soaps.

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