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Polygel Nail Kit $14.99 $29.98
Get your nails done in 15 minutes or less - all at home! Applied in 1-2 minutes per nail and leaves behind natural-looking 3-week lasting nails. How does it work? This DIY manicure kit gives you elegant, 3 weeks lasting nails. The 2022 improved poly gel formula combines the durability of acrylic nails and the elasticity application of gel nails while taking away all harsh and harmful chemicals. It includes 30 different nail tips, so you can get your perfect shape, no matter your nail type.    💕 Apply in under 15 minutes.   💪 30% Stronger and 50% lighter than acrylics   🌱 Odourless and 0 harmful chemicals Can be used up to 5 times (x10 nails). That's just $0.19 / nail. Save time and Money No more waiting for hours and over-paying at salons! Simply do it from the comfort of your home in 15 minutes!
Nee Jolie Polygel | Home Nail Salon Kit (with Free UV Lamp) from $14.99 $29.98
The time in the nail salon is over Going to the nail salon every 2 to 4 weeks to get your nails done costs you valuable time and money every time. Glued nails always fall off and break easily. Everyone has accepted that it's complicated, but it's not at all. The set contains everything you need to make your nails beautiful yourself. With our Nee JoliePolygel, you can now get beautiful nails quickly without spending a lot of time, without high costs, and without hurting yourself.No more long waits, high costs, or ugly nails With this kit, you can easily shape and lengthen your nails at home. You shape the gel to the size of your nail and place it on your nail bed. Fill in the desired length with a brush and let dry for 2 minutes. Use the UV lamp to dry it extra fast! Then file them into the desired shape and top coat for extra shine or to mattify! Whether long or short, everything is possible, comfortably from home Thankfully, all of this can be done much cheaper, faster, and exactly the way you want it. They are beautiful and bright colors. Experience the joy of doing your nails yourself, for example when you are bored. Try the best color that suits your outfit. Now you can save money with your own nail salon! The Nee Jolie Polygel is going extremely VIRAL at the moment. Everyone wants it, but it often sells out! What do customers like about the Purely Polished? This kit is the complete package for your own home salon. It even includes a UV lamp unlike any other kit you will find online. Quick and easy to apply, lasts up to 4 weeks. Free of toxins and chemical odor, meaning totally drama-free! Fully adjustable once the nails are in place. The polygel is from Nee Jolie. Née Jolie is known for its excellent quality. We are therefore very proud to be able to offer products from this brand. What's included? 7 different polygel colors Base and top coat for the optimal finish Lubricant after the primer has cured UV lamp to harden the nails optimally Reusable dual molds for the perfect nail shape Nail clip to properly shape the polygel Brush and mini spatula for spreading the polygel nail file
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Reflective Mosaic Nail Art Transfer Foils (Set of 12) $14.99 $29.98
Create amazing nail art like a pro with Mosaic Nail Art Transfer Foils!It's time to get in some new touch this summer! Let's try this fancy & chic nail design! This transfer foil creates a sparkling, glowing, and super eye-catching effect. It looks amazing, especially under the light! Made of premium material, which is harmless and more long-lasting! Simply apply the polish, lay the foil over your nail, and gently press it. Then you can peel it off and see the fantastic outcome! Easy to use & ideal for both nail salon and DIY at home.Create your own shining mosaic nail art at home!   FEATURES: Sparkle Nail Art EffectMake your nail shine and become the focus! They will show different colors under the illumination light. Metallic, chic, and must-try nail idea in 2020! Easy To CreateJust apply foil adhesive to the nail, apply foil backside down, and peel. Use with a durable topcoat can prolong the foil result in daily life. You can have your own mix-and-match with different colors. High-Quality MaterialMade of premium material, non-toxic and harmless to the human body. Last for longer compared with normal nail stickers. Wide UsageGreat for both professional nail specialists and nail art learners. Suitable for nail salons and DIY nail art at home. It can be a wonderful gift for your friend, wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Foil Size: 20 x 4cm PACKAGE INCLUDES: 12 x Mosaic Nail Art Transfer Foil
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Diy Nail Art Stamping Machine Kit $24.99 $49.98
CUTE NAIL ART IN SECONDS When you can't make it to the nail salon, this Nail Art Stamping Machine can help you create designs by yourself. It's easy to use and it has several designs to choose from. Simple Design Transfer The machine makes an easy stamp-and-slide function manually. No electrical components and batteries are needed. Various Stamp DesignsIncluded are 6 metal plates with grooved patterns each. There are many options to pick from depending on what you want on any day of the week. DIY Stamping Made Easy The machine is easy to use and has an accurate stamping guide to make sure that the pattern ends up exactly on your nail. How To Use The Nail Art Stamping Machine 1) Clean the print head with nail polish remover, remove the protective film, and moderately apply nail polish to your choice of pattern. 2) Push the machine head forward, press print head, pick up the pattern, then press print head again then transfer the pattern to the nail.  3) You can choose to add color to your nail pattern aside from a topcoat. Why Use This Stamping Machine ✔️ Durable. made from high-quality plastic material built for constant use. ✔️ Easy To Clean. you only need acetone to clean off the nail polish and place it under running water if it gets dusty or dirty. ✔️ Bottom Suction. it comes with a suction cup at the button to make it stable when you're stamping.  ✔️ Portable. it's a compact manual machine that you can bring along anywhere you want.  Specifications Machine Material: Plastic Pattern Plate Material: Stainless Steel  Size: 19 x 8.3cm / 7.48" x 3.27'' (approx.) Your Order Includes 1 x Nail Printing Machine 6 x Metal Plates (designs sent by random) 1 x User Manual Get Yours Today The Nail Art Stamping Machine is a beginner-friendly nail art accessory that you can use to print different designs on your nails. It's easy to use and easy to clean, requires no batteries, and is handy in between nail salon visits. 
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Nailcure Nail Polish Finger Guard $12.99 $25.98
These Nail Guards will let you paint your nails evenly with ease and protect your fingers from nail polish smudges and stains. Keep Your Skin Polish-Free with Nail Care Set: Forms a barrier between nail polish and skin 🎨 Quick and easy nail polish application 🙌 Convenient to use anytime, anywhere Perfect Nails, Perfect Fit with At-Home Manicure Set: 💰 Convenient and affordable nail care solution 🛡️ Includes 26 nail polish guards 📏 Comes in 10 sizes to fit all nail types 🎉 Suitable for both professional and personal use Key Features:Save Time and Effort with Ease: This set empowers you to achieve perfectly even polish while shielding your hands from unsightly streaks and stains. Reduce the hassle of post-manicure cleanup and enjoy more time with this set! Long-lasting and Reusable: Get a flawless manicure every time with these 26 reusable shield protectors that are designed to be used repeatedly 👌 Perfect Fit Every Time:  This nail polish guard set is designed to fit flawlessly on all nail types with its range of sizes, ensuring a comfortable fit like a glove. easy to use: Polish guards keep your nails fixed in place for easy and even application with both hands.🎨 Perfect for DIY nail art, the guards also act as protectors for your freshly painted nails. Use without the Risk:🚫 NIt does not harm your nail or Skin because it is  Made with high-quality, non-toxic PP material to ensure your health and safety. SPECIFICATION: Material: ABSColor: Rose-red Package Includes: 1 x 26 Pcs Nail Polish Templates Clips 1 x French Tips Sticker
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Portable Nail Steamer $54.99 $109.98
Always Have Fabulous Nails, the Portable Nail Steamer Effortlessly Removes All Nail Polish in 10 Minutes Or Less.It gives you that easy, damage-free nail removal you have always dreamed of.TIME SAVER:  Saves you time from chipping away nail polish one by one. Do five fingernails at a time, saving you so much time. Turn your frustration of cleaning your nails into fun! The Combination of Heat and Water Vapor Helps Soften the Gel Nail Polish.  COMPLETELY SAFE. Penetrates the gel deeply and gets all the gel off without even coming in contact with the nail polish remover. This means you can clean off your nails without worrying about any skin damage. It is an Automatic Device and it Will Shut Down When the Fixed Time is Up DURABLE & LONG LASTING: The device is built to last. Just buy it once and you can reuse it over and over again Whenever you want to change your nail polish, also has the added advantage that you can remove your nail polish quite fast. REMOVES ALL TYPES OF POLISH: Whether you are using  Nail Polish, Acrylic Nails, Shellac, and others. Artemis Next Gen Nail Our Portable Nail Steamer is going VIRAL at the moment. Everyone wants it, but it often sells out! Take advantage of the current discount and get yours Now!! You can now fully embrace your passion for nail art. Works fast, and efficiently, and keeps your nails healthy and intact. Five nail slots you can simply slip your fingers into and remove your nail polish. A safe and easy-to-use steaming system that doesn't go past 52C. Never have to worry about burning your hand. Nail Polish Remover will remove all of the polish off of your nails without damaging your cuticles. You can reuse your acetone, this will save you money from buying nail remover solutions in the long run. Not only can it be used to remove nail polish, but you can also remove acrylic (powder or gel), shellac, and much more Traditional nail polish removal methods process can take hours or even days, our Portable Nail Steamer can speed this process down from 5 to 20 minutes.You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your favorite show! Making it easier for you to get off those stubborn nail polish in the comfort of your own home and not have to hire a professional to do it for you. Professionals from all over the world recommend  Portable Nail Steamer™ over and over again. Nora visits the salon 4 times a month. Sometimes when her nails are chipped she wants to take them off because it's an eyesore. But it takes too much time and effort. The nail polishes don’t come off like at the salon. She notices how much money she could have saved by doing it at home. All the traveling (petrol, parking, and time) she could save by doing it simply at home. With our product, an ideal, harmless, quick-to-use Nail Polish Remover, she enjoys the convenience of doing it at home.
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Pink Armor Nail Gel $19.99 $39.98
Strong, beautiful nails, fast! Pink Armor  Nail Gel is uniquely formulated to strengthen and protect nails from breaking and discolouring. The Keratin rich formula helps to repair, restore and promote nail growth. It's great for manicures and pedicures. It won't peel, chip or crack and protects against breaking, cracking, splitting and discolouring. Pink Armor Nail Gel is the thick, protective gel coat that gives you stronger, longer, beautiful natural nails!  FEATURES: Keratin rich formula strengthens and protects nails Repairs restore and promote nail growth Protects nails against breaking, cracking, splitting and discolouring Glossy nail gel finish Can be used as a base or topcoat Great for manicures and pedicures HOW TO USE: Use it as a base coat for a naturally beautiful look, or as a top cover to protect your nail polish. Just two coats, once a week, it's like getting a professional nail treatment! SPECIFICATIONS: Net Weight: 50 FL OZ PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1 x Pink Armor Nail Gel
FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush from $13.99 $29.98
Forget about one-time nail stickers or salon visits to get Perfect French Nails!FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush features a smooth half-moon applicator to work with different nail polishes. Create French nails with your favorite polish color!The ultra-dense and flat applicator ensures precise & consistent application of French tips.Delicately crafted with top-quality synthetic bristle, our French nail brush delivers opaque color without unsightly stroke-like texture. Salon finish in seconds!FEATURES: PERFECT FRENCH NAILS: Create timeless French nails easily at home with sharp & defined edges. UNIQUE BRUSH SHAPE: Oblique half-moon cut to precisely fit the curvature of the nail and draw clear-cut curves with ease. EASY TO USE: Thanks to the curvy tip, simply dip your nail polish color and brush on the tip of the nail. No manicure skill is required. TOP QUALITY: Made of cruelty-free & top-quality synthetic bristle of ultra smoothness to create opaque color. EASY TO CLEAN: Clean with regular nail remover. USAGE: Dip from your favorite polish Apply on the nail edge Done! SPECIFICATIONS: Size: PACKAGE INCLUDES: 1pc X FrenchTip™ Oblique Nail Brush
Time Clip™ Anti-oxidation Jewelry Box from $17.99 $35.98
STORE AND DISPLAY TREASURED ITEMS WITH STYLE!Keep or show off your prized jewelry and precious items with this Time Clip™ Anti-Oxidation Jewelry Box! With its easy snap-open frame and highly elastic protective film, you can easily insert your items and protect them from oxidation and dust. This special storage box organizes your cherished possessions without causing knots or damage. Reusable, waterproof, and exquisitely designed, it’s a unique decorative piece for anyone! HIGHLIGHTS Anti-oxidizing storage box - Safely stores and displays your treasured items between its frame and clear, elastic film. Protects items from dust and humidity. Good organizer - Comes in an easy snap-open frame. Its clear membrane compresses the item securely in between. Carry, display, or hang anywhere.  Variety of sizes - Available in square, rectangle, and circular shapes and sizes for all kinds of items that you want to store. Includes a stand base for displaying.  A wide array of items - Great for jewelry, collectibles, memorabilia, mini toys, medals, coins, seashells, and many more.  Reusable -  Waterproof and prevents knotting of jewelry. The stretchable film restores its shape by using a hairdryer. High-quality - Made with durable ABS and flexible clear, film. Durable and long-lasting.  Perfect gift idea -  Makes an excellent gift for hobby and professional collectors, family, friends for special occasions.  SPECIFICATIONS Material: ABS + PET membrane Color: Black, White Size: As shown PRODUCT INCLUDES 1 x Time Clip™ Anti-Oxidation Jewelry Box  
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Glue-on French Nail Tips Kit (100 Pcs) $19.99 $39.98
The Easiest French Manicure Ever! Our Glue-On French Nail Tips Kit is a DIY nail set to deliver a flawless, long-lasting, salon-quality French manicure without nail appointments. Instantly lengthen, strengthen and shape nails with French tips built to provide professional results.  Made of premium, eco-friendly acrylic, these nail tips are non-toxic, odor-free and 100% safe to natural nails, makes it super strong and chip-free for up to 3 weeks. It is easy to apply, simply trim to size and paint to create customized designs. Enhanced with Flexi-Fit technology for comfortable wear, it comes with 100 nail tips in 10 various sizes, this kit contains everything you need to create the perfect DIY French manicure in the comfort of your home. FEATURES: Easy Application:Simply stick the nail tips with glue and press it to your real nails to create a flawless, long-lasting, salon-quality French Manicure in seconds, without the expensive nail appointments.  Beginner Friendly:Creating your own French nails at home is no longer a nightmare, even starters or amateurs can master it well. No mess, no stress!  Long-Lasting Finish: Super strong and chip-free for up to 3 weeks, giving you a better manicure experience. Top-Quality & Safe:Made of premium, eco-friendly acrylic, these nail tips are non-toxic, odor-free, and 100% safe for natural nails. Perfect Fit:With 10 various sizes to choose from, it is suitable for all finger sizes.  Versatile Use:Ideal for use with gel, acrylic, or fiberglass applications.  Elegant Style: You can never go wrong with a French manicure, a timeless classic for all fashion styles. SPECIFICATIONS: Material: Eco-Friendly Acrylic Color: White, Black HOW TO USE: Apply glue on the tip where it will make contact with your natural nail. Apply nail glue as well on your natural nail. Hold the handle of the tip, press, and hold the tip for 5 to 10 seconds. Cut off the tip handle and file lightly. Apply a polished top coat for better results. PACKAGE INCLUDES: 100 pcs x Glue-On French Nail Tips

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