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Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid - thedealzninja Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid - thedealzninja
Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid $52.99 $105.98
Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid Are sleepless nights and anxious thoughts keeping you company? Meet your new companion: the Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid. Designed to soothe your mind, promote relaxation, and help you drift into a peaceful slumber, this innovative aid is here to be your ally in the battle against stress and restlessness.Features and Benefits Aromatherapy Bliss: Calm Buddy™ harnesses the power of aromatherapy to create a serene environment. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the built-in diffuser, and let the calming scents envelop you. Aromatherapy has been shown to reduce anxiety, improve sleep quality, and even lower blood pressure. Gentle Pressure Points: The unique design incorporates acupressure principles. Lay back on the Calm Buddy™, and let the strategically placed pressure points work their magic. Feel the tension melt away as you sink into relaxation mode. Adult Coloring Book: Included with your Calm Buddy™ is an adult coloring book. Engage your creative side, unwind, and let the soothing patterns guide your mind away from worries. Coloring has been proven to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Nighttime Ritual: Make Calm Buddy™ a part of your nightly routine. Place it on your bedside table, switch on the soft LED light, and let it create a tranquil ambiance. The gentle glow helps ease anxiety and prepares you for a restful sleep. Portable and Versatile: Whether you’re at home, in the office, or traveling, take your Calm Buddy™ with you. It’s lightweight, compact, and fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. How to Use Fill the Diffuser: Lift the top cover and add water to the diffuser. Add a few drops of your preferred essential oil (lavender, chamomile, or eucalyptus work wonders). Lie Back and Relax: Place Calm Buddy™ on your bed, sofa, or mat. Position yourself comfortably, allowing the acupressure points to gently press against your body. Color Away Worries: Grab the included adult coloring book and let your creativity flow. Coloring is a therapeutic activity that calms the mind and reduces stress. Activate the LED Light: Switch on the soft LED light for a soothing glow. It’s perfect for winding down before bedtime. Specifications Dimensions: 12 inches (length) x 18 inches (width) Material: High-quality foam with a removable cotton cover Weight: Lightweight and easy to carry Power: USB rechargeable (cable included) Package Includes Calm Buddy™ Sleep & Anxiety Aid Adult coloring book USB charging cable User manual
Nano Collagen Set - thedealzninja Nano Collagen Set - thedealzninja
Nano Collagen Set from $19.99 $39.98
Discover the ultimate beauty secret with our Nano Collagen Set! This premium skincare regimen is meticulously crafted to revitalize your skin, enhance elasticity, and reduce wrinkles. Say goodbye to dull, tired skin and hello to a radiant, more youthful complexion. Whether you’re a skincare enthusiast or a first-time user, our Nano Collagen Set is your ticket to glowing, healthy skin. Features and Benefits: Multi-Dimensional Collagen Superfood: Our Nano Collagen Complex contains all five types of Food Source Collagen (Type 1, 2, 3, 5 & 10). This powerful blend promotes healthy skin, nails, and joints, ensuring comprehensive benefits for your overall well-being. Firmer, Glowing Skin: Collagen contributes to skin firmness and tightness, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and imperfections. Complete Collagen Solution: With Type 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10 Collagen, our Nano Collagen Set addresses various skin concerns, from large pores to uneven skin tone. High Quality: Rest assured that you’re using a high-quality product with natural ingredients. How to Use: Cleanse: Begin with a gentle cleanser to prepare your skin. Apply Nano Collagen Serum: Gently massage the serum onto your face and neck. Let it absorb fully. Follow with Nano Collagen Cream: Apply the cream evenly, focusing on areas prone to wrinkles. Use Daily: For best results, incorporate the Nano Collagen Set into your daily skincare routine. Specifications: Nano Collagen Serum: 60ml Nano Collagen Mask: 1 Box (5Pcs) Package Includes: Nano Collagen Serum Or Nano Collagen Mask (1box contains 5Pcs) Or Full Set (1*Nano Collagen Serum+1 Box Nano Collagen Mask)
Powerful Kitchen All-Purpose Powder Cleaner - thedealzninja Powerful Kitchen All-Purpose Powder Cleaner - thedealzninja
Powerful Kitchen All-Purpose Powder Cleaner from $19.99 $39.98
Discover the ultimate solution for a spotless kitchen with our Powerful Kitchen All-Purpose Powder Cleaner. This versatile cleaning powder is your secret weapon against stubborn grease, grime, and rust. Whether you’re tackling stovetops, countertops, or range hoods, this potent formula delivers exceptional results. Features and Benefits: Multi-Surface Use: Our foam rust remover can be safely applied to a variety of surfaces, including porcelain, stainless steel, and glassware. Say goodbye to grease stains on your favorite cookware and appliances! Potent Formula: The innovative blend of active ingredients effortlessly cuts through tough oil and grease stains. Watch as they dissolve quickly, leaving your kitchen surfaces pristine. Easy Application: Simply mix the powder with water to activate its powerful cleaning properties. With minimal effort, you’ll achieve maximum cleanliness. Kitchen Grease Remover: Bid farewell to stubborn grease in seconds. Our heavy-duty cleaner ensures a clean kitchen surface and appliances, all while producing a rich foam. Wide Range of Applications: From tiled walls to stainless steel sinks, gas hobs to yellowed shoes, this multipurpose foam cleaner does it all. How to Use: Take a spoonful of the cleaning powder and add water. Let it sit for 10 minutes. For stubborn stains, extend the soaking time. Gently blot the stain with a damp cloth. Rinse thoroughly with clean water (repeat if necessary). Specifications: Shelf Life: 3 years Weight: Available in 110g and 250g options Package Includes: 1*Powerful Kitchen All-Purpose Powder Cleaner
Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo - thedealzninja Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo - thedealzninja
Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo from $14.99 $29.98
Dyeing Hair is as Simple as Washing Hair How can you add a touch of magic to your loved one's Christmas? By gifting them vibrant, head-turning hair colors that redefine their look! A revolutionary solution for achieving beautifully colored hair. This extraordinary hair care product not only provides excellent gray hair coverage but also offers a convenient, at-home hair dyeing experience like no other. FEATURES Supreme Gray Hair CoverageOur Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo offers exceptional gray hair coverage. With a range of six versatile shades to choose from, it effectively conceals most gray hairs. For those looking for complete gray coverage, Coffee, Dark Brown, and Natural Black are your go-to choices, leaving no trace of gray behind.Effortless Bubble Hair Dye ApplicationDyeing your hair at home has never been easier. This shampoo boasts a unique bubbly texture that makes application a breeze. Use it just like your regular shampoo for a gentle, secure, and mess-free hair dyeing experience. Redefine Your Hair ColorGet ready to redefine your hair color effortlessly. Whether you're looking to enhance your current shade or embark on a bold new look, Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo empowers you to do so with ease. Achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.Gentle, Plant-Based IngredientsWe prioritize your hair's health and your safety. Our shampoo features mild, plant-derived ingredients that are kind to your hands and skin. It's a unique blend of shampoo, hair dye, and hair care, all in one. Nourish your hair while achieving stunning color without any compromise. Steps to Use STEP1 Wear gloves, open the bag opening, and squeeze all the paste into the palm of your hand.STEP 2 Don't wash your hair before dyeing. Dye hair when it is dry. Apply foam in the order of sideburns, back of the head, and top of the head. Rub the whole head. (Apply more on areas with gray hair)STEP 3 Put on the shower cap and wait for about 10 minutes for natural black and about 45 minutes for other colors. (If the temperature is low, it can be heated appropriately)STEP4 Wash with warm clean water and blow dry Dosage Reference Short hair: Suggested 1-2 PCS Medium to long hair: Suggest 3-4 PCS Extra long hair: Suggest more than 6 PCS SPECIFICATIONS Color: Chestnut Brown, Coffee, Chestnut, Cool Brown, Black Brown, Natural Black Shelf life: 3 years Package Includes: Plant Bubble Hair Dye Shampoo × 1Pc/2/5/10Pcs
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Carvenhy™ Veganic Hair Oil - thedealzninja Carvenhy™ Veganic Hair Oil - thedealzninja
Carvenhy™ Veganic Hair Oil $22.99 $45.98
Introducing the Carvenhy™ Veganic Hair Oil: Your secret to luscious locks that turn heads! 🌿✨ 🌱 Nourish Naturally: Crafted with care, this intensive treatment is a botanical blend of all-natural oils and plant extracts. It’s like a green smoothie for your hair! 🌿🌟🌟 Hair Revival: Say goodbye to hair woes! Our Veganic Hair Oil rejuvenates tired tresses, reduces hair loss, and prevents further thinning. It’s your hair’s cheerleader, encouraging new growth and promoting thicker strands. 💆‍♀️💚🌞 Sunshine in a Bottle: Just a few drops of this golden elixir, and your hair will bask in the glow of health. Whether you’re a sun seeker or an office dweller, our Veganic Hair Oil has your back (and your strands)! ☀️🌿🌸 Rosemary Magic: Infused with the power of rosemary, this elixir strengthens hair roots, nourishes from within, and leaves you with a crown of confidence. 🌹👑🌿 Veganic Vows: We promise no synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals, or bad hair days. Only pure, plant-powered goodness! 🌿🌈 Specifications Shelf Life : 3 years Net Weight: 60ml Package Includes 1*Carvenhy™ Veganic Hair Oil
-50% sale
PotCover - Plant Pot Soil Cover Grid - thedealzninja PotCover - Plant Pot Soil Cover Grid - thedealzninja
PotCover - Plant Pot Soil Cover Grid $19.99 $39.98
Protect Your Plants So That They Reach Optimum Growth Make every potting experience feel like a dream with the help of the PotCover. It's designed to keep the soil in place while giving your plants a cool and modern look. Plus, the PotCover fits seamlessly on the plant bed thanks to its customizable size. This PotCover also helps in maintaining a clean and tidy indoor garden. Key Benefits Heavy Duty - Our premium PotCover is made with heavy-duty materials that are wear-resistant and perfect for long-term use. Use it to keep your plants strong and mess-free, wherever you place them. Easy To Use - The handy PotCover has stakes that are easy to mount on the soil. This ensures that the PotCover doesn't move or shift even when you water your plants. Sturdy Build - Whether you're protecting it from pets or unnecessary trash, the PotCover has got your plants covered. It can even keep your pets from digging into the soil when they're unattended. Customizable Size - Measure your pot's circumference so that you can cut the PotCover to size. Once done, mount the PotCover on the soil and you're good to go! Specifications Material: Plastic Color: Black, Brown Size(about): 19cm Package Includes 1*PotCover - Plant Pot Soil Cover Grid
-50% sale
Space-Saving Clothes Hanger Connector - thedealzninja Space-Saving Clothes Hanger Connector - thedealzninja
Space-Saving Clothes Hanger Connector $16.99 $33.98
Maximize Your Wardrobe Space with Ease Are you tired of overcrowded closets and struggling to find space for your ever-growing wardrobe? Look no further! Our Space-Saving Clothes Hanger Connector is your secret weapon for efficient organization. Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a minimalist, or somewhere in between, these connectors will revolutionize the way you store your clothes. Features and Benefits: Expand Your Hanging Capacity: These connectors work seamlessly with any standard-sized hanger. Simply loop them over the hook, and voilà! You’ve just doubled your hanging space. Ideal for small wardrobes, apartments, and dorm rooms where every inch matters. Clever Design for Maximum Efficiency: Crafted from durable plastic, our connectors are built to withstand the weight of your favorite garments. No more sagging hangers! Keep your suits together by linking jacket hangers with trouser hangers. It’s like having a personal wardrobe assistant. Organize and Declutter: Say goodbye to tangled clothes and chaotic closets. These connectors allow you to neatly group matching items—shirts, blouses, skirts, and more. Perfect for creating themed sections within your wardrobe: work attire, casual wear, or special occasions. Easy to Use: Loop the connector over your existing hanger’s hook. Slide another hanger through the slot. Instantly create a cohesive ensemble without fuss. Specifications: Length: 4.8 cm (2 inches) Width: 2 cm (3/4 inch) Material:  PP  Package Includes: 1*Space-Saving Clothes Hanger Connector(20Pcs)
EnergyGuard™ StopWatt - thedealzninja EnergyGuard™ StopWatt - thedealzninja
EnergyGuard™ StopWatt from $44.97 $69.97
See Why Power Companies Are Scared Over This Breakthrough Device That Cuts Your Power Bill By Up to $3,000/year! "Everybody knows that the price of electricity is steadily increasing each year. But thanks to this new Nikola-Tesla-inspired technology, consumers can save hundreds to thousands of dollars every year on their electric bills." We as Americans have an energy crisis. With yearly inflation shooting up to a whopping 10%, electricity costs rise even more. For example, yearly electricity costs shot up by 17.6% in Tyler, Texas, and in Worcester State College, they’re up by a massive 40.3%! Now, the average American household spends over 3,500 dollars on just electricity every year. This number will get even bigger. And guess what – most of this money goes down the drain! Just this year, a new study suggested that most Americans are overpaying for electricity by a whopping 27.6 billion dollars per year. But the lawmakers and the Public Utility Commission won’t do anything to fix this. The Public Utility Commission sent lawmakers a report about the glorious, incredible, fantastic electricity shopping system it regulates. Billions of consumer dollars gone? Not their problem. Meanwhile, lawmakers refuse to introduce an electricity bill designed to end the deceptive marketing practices that power companies use to reap massive profits every year.  Seems like the crooked business of selling overpriced electricity to consumers will continue. If you don’t do anything, expect your future energy bills to look like this: A horror show of a system full of confusion, duplicity, and unnecessary complications will continue. If you look at descriptions of more than 300 electricity plans from 55 companies, you see a jumble of garbage language, terms, conditions, and small print - your eyes bulge. And you won't learn your exact price until the bill arrives. One thing is for sure – you will pay more every year. But the war isn't lost for the ordinary consumer. There is a way for you to finally reduce your energy expenses. Clever new technology can help average consumers reduce their electric bills by over $3,000 after the first year.  A German-based startup company has come up with a new innovative and inexpensive gadget that helps you not only lower your electric bill but can also increase the lifespan of expensive household appliances. Starting at just $49, the device would pay for itself within just one month. What is This Device? It's called StopWatt and its tech was created by no other than the legendary Serbian-American inventor, electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, and futurist, Nikola Tesla. StopWatt is a small, compact, affordable, and easy-to-use plug-in unit that stops unnecessary power from entering the electrical cables and overloading the network. Big Energy is threatened by this device and its potential to cut into profits. And they have a right to be scared. StopWatt is your power company's worst nightmare. They have been trying to hide StopWatt from the everyday consumer and have even banned it in retail shops. This technology was initially concealed from the general public as it offered average families the opportunity to save on their monthly energy costs. Thanks to the Internet, the secret is out. Every day people are now reaping the rewards, consuming less power every month, and saving thousands of dollars every year.  The bonus? Your standard blender, microwave, vacuum, or any other household appliance may last longer. In essence, StopWatt provides the opportunity for you to save up to 90% on your energy bill. That's phenomenal savings and it’s easy to understand why Big Energy wants this device hidden from consumers for good.The benefits of StopWatt are unparalleled, and researchers are convinced this device could spell the end of unaffordable power bills that can cripple the average wage earner at the end of the month. And who wouldn’t want to have an extra couple of thousand in their bank account every year? Scientists initially spent many months trying to debunk claims of efficacy, but those studies now prove that StopWatt should be commonplace in every household. How Does It Work? Your appliances use a lot of energy when idle. Plus, they always draw more power than they need to run due to inefficiencies and noise on the sine wave. StopWatt doesn’t steal energy from anyone and doesn’t change what your meter says. It simply reduces this noise and decreases the amount of electricity wasted. With less energy wasted, you use less – and pay less. It’s simple math. StopWatt is easy to connect. Simply plug into the outlet closest to your breaker box. That is all you need to do, once plugged in the green LED indicates it is powered on and working. If you have a large home, you’ll get the best results using more devices. Simply place one unit close to the breaker box and another as far away as possible. StopWatt is suitable for both standard homes and apartments connected to an electrical grid. Once you've plugged it in, StopWatt will get to work. Within a few days, it will begin to make efficient use of your energy while allowing you to reap the rewards of a more robust household appliance life-cycle. In just a short time, you will have made your money back on your initial purchase. Lower Your Energy Costs We ran tests on several regular family households in the Americans. Even though they had energy uses and electricity prices vary in each state, the results were still amazing. First, we asked three households to share their energy bills from the previous year: Then, we asked them to use StopWatt in their homes – and share the energy bills that come later. Here’s what happened after they plugged in a simple $49 device into their outlets: Household #1 got massive savings of over $3000 a year, without having to change any of their energy consumption habits. Households #2 and #3 saved less: but still managed to get nearly $1,000 back. That’s a $49 device, paying back for itself over and over again. Your mileage may vary, but either way, you can save piles of money. StopWatt is so confident in the success of their product, that they offer a full money-back guarantee on all of your purchases. Whether you’ll be saving $1,000 or $3000 dollars, one thing is for sure: you won’t want StopWatt to come out of your outlet any time soon. Can Big Energy Stop This? By now, you know two things. The first one you probably already assumed – power companies massively overcharge their customers. The second one (many people are not aware of) is the fact your utility company's power is overloading circuits, wasting energy, and your money, and shortening the lifespans of your expensive household appliances in the process.So naturally, when StopWatt was discovered overseas, power companies spent millions (of probably your own overpaid money) to stop this product from reaching retail store shelves. It would spell the end of their profiteering, so it was important that they kept it out of the public eye.However, the questionable legality of such a move put a stop to this. Now, close to 150,000 households worldwide get massively lower power bills, all because of an inconspicuous plug-in device. Is This Device Legal? StopWatt is absolutely 100% legal – you're at no legal risk for owning this excellent electricity-saving device because simply put, you're not breaking any laws.Of course, power companies are not happy with the situation, so they are trying their best to hide StopWatt from the public eye. But you’re not doing anything wrong and can use StopWatt with total peace of mind. Online Response How Much is it Going To Cost Me? Seeing what this tech can do, it probably has to cost a fortune. False! StopWatt is on sale at the moment and the more you buy, the more you save! You can get a StopWatt device in your home, saving thousands of dollars every year, for just $49! Make sure you get yours while you can. Due to recent media attention and mounting pressure from Big Energy, these handy little gadgets may become impossible to find shortly. Start Saving Money Now Now that you know all the basics about this brilliant invention, we're pleased to announce the company has allowed us to give a special discount to all of our readers. To get your special discounted pricing all you need to do is to follow these 3 steps: Step 1: Click Here To Order The StopWatt today to take advantage of the limited time special discount.Step 2: When you receive it, open the package and plug it into your wall.Step 3: Once plugged in, give the device some time to optimize your electricity use.Here's a tip: StopWatt is a great gift because it will save everybody who receives it a ton of money! Get some more for your friends and family. Once you order, all you have to do is plug it in and you start saving on energy costs! It's that easy!
flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume - thedealzninja flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume - thedealzninja
flysmus™ LUSTY Feromone Perfume from $19.99
Let's see the happy customers who tried LUSTY Feromone Perfume! LUSTY Feromone Perfume contains scientifically formulated pheromones designed to enhance attraction and appeal to others. The set includes a variety of fragrances that contains a blend of pheromones that can help to increase attraction, confidence, and intimacy. Clinically Verified & Proven The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is a roll-on pheromone perfume that has been scientifically created to attract and stimulate the receptors. Experts in the field of osmology have concluded that pheromones, which are chemical messengers, play a crucial role in attracting individuals of opposite gender. These chemical messengers are responsible for inducing chemical reactions, triggering desires, regulating hormone levels, and even enhancing fertility when they are released. What is Pheromones? Pheromones play a role in attraction and behavior between couples. These chemical messengers are detected by the vomeronasal organ, a specialized sensory organ in the nose, and can affect the behavior or physiology of the recipient. Pheromones plays an important role in social and intimate communication, including increasing hormones, attraction and mate selection. Most hormones work internally and have a direct effect only on the individual secreting them, but pheromones act as behavior-altering agents in that they can have effects on other individuals in the vicinity. Perfectly Fusion Body Fragrance The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is formulated to create a unique scent when applied to your skin, thanks to its ion binding technology. This technology helps to enhance and amplify the potency of your natural pheromones, resulting in a more distinctive aroma that can trigger the olfactory nerve and evoke emotional and romantic feelings. By combining your pheromones with the perfume, you may have a greater chance of attracting and seducing potential partners. The composition of this perfume set works to alter your mental and emotional state and can lead to successful interactions with men. Why Does The LUSTY Feromone Perfume Effective? The LUSTY Feromone Perfume is created to be effective due to the presence of pheromones in its formulation. Pheromones are chemical signals that are naturally produced and released by the body to attract and communicate with others of the same species, including potential mates. When applied to the skin, the pheromones in the LUSTY Feromone Perfume enhances and amplify the natural scent of the wearer, making them more attractive and appealing to your partner. The perfume triggers the olfactory nerve and alter the recipient's mental and emotional state, leading to increased desire and attraction. What Makes The LUSTY Feromone Perfume SPECIAL? ✓ Improves Your Interpersonal Relationships ✓ Pheromones Absorption ✓ Enhance Your Own Pheromones With This Fragranced Attractant ✓ Releases A Subtle Scent Unique To You ✓ Enhance Your Natural Pheromone Production Which Inspires Affection ✓ May Operate As An Instant Chemistry Booster ✓ Seductive Appeal ✓ Charming, Pleasant Scent For Women ✓ 8 Scents Available, Including Vanilla & Rose Flavour ✓ Intrinsic, Naturally Extracted Ingredients ✓ Handy Size To Carry Everywhere In Your Pocket/Purse ✓ Roll-On Application For Easier Application & Longer Lasting Scent Here are some of our happy customers: PACKAGE INCLUDED
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Gray Hair Reverse Bar - thedealzninja Gray Hair Reverse Bar - thedealzninja
Gray Hair Reverse Bar $19.99 $39.98
Gray Reverse Bar - Unleash Vibrant Hair Color Discover the ultimate secret to reclaiming your natural hair color with the Gray Reverse Bar. Say goodbye to gray strands and hello to a revitalized mane that radiates vibrancy. Our breakthrough formula, backed by science, targets melanocytes—the color-determining cells in your follicles—to transform gray hair into its original, youthful hue. Whether it’s your head, beard, or eyebrows, this shampoo bar is your secret weapon for a confident, age-defying appearance. Features and Benefits: Melanocyte Activation: The Gray Reverse Bar stimulates melanocytes, coaxing them to produce more pigment. Watch as individual hair strands regain their original color, creating a harmonious blend of natural shades. Permanent Results: Unlike temporary hair dyes, our solution works at the root level. Within weeks, you’ll notice a healthier scalp, vibrant hair, and a return to your full natural color. Gentle and Ammonia-Free: Free from harsh chemicals like ammonia and peroxide, this shampoo bar cares for your hair and scalp without compromising their health. Panax Ginseng Root Extract: A natural anti-aging stimulant that strengthens roots and follicles, promoting healthier hair growth. Bamboo Charcoal Detox: Purifies your hair by absorbing toxins and impurities, leaving behind natural oils for added shine. Shea Butter Hydration: Moisturizes and enhances your hair’s natural color while providing anti-inflammatory benefits. Specifications: Net content: 55g Package Includes: 1*Gray Hair Reverse Bar
-50% sale
24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick - thedealzninja 24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick - thedealzninja
24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick $17.99 $35.98
24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick Indulge in the ultimate lip experience with our 24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick. This luxurious formula combines intense color payoff, velvety texture, and remarkable staying power. Whether you’re heading to a special event or conquering your daily routine, our lipstick promises to enhance your pout with elegance and confidence. Features and Benefits: Velvet Matte Finish: Our lipstick dries down to a soft, velvety matte finish that feels comfortable on the lips. Long-Lasting Wear: Enjoy up to 24 hours of vibrant color without constant touch-ups. 5-in-1 Formula: Pigment-Rich: High color payoff for bold, statement lips. Hydrating: Infused with nourishing ingredients to keep your lips moisturized. Transfer-Resistant: Say goodbye to smudging and feathering. Smooth Application: Glides effortlessly for flawless coverage. Lightweight Feel: No heavy or sticky sensation. Versatile Shades: Choose from an array of sophisticated hues, from classic nudes to daring reds. All-Day Confidence: Feel confident and put together from morning to night. How to Use: Prep Your Lips: Exfoliate and moisturize your lips for a smooth canvas. Apply Lip Liner (Optional): Define your lip shape using a matching lip liner. Swipe On the Lipstick: Use the applicator to apply the lipstick evenly across your lips. Blot and Reapply (Optional): For extra longevity, blot with a tissue and reapply a second coat. Rock Your Look: Flaunt your velvety lips with pride! Specifications: Net weight: 1.2g*5colors Shelf life: 3 years Color: #01 red set, #02 nude set Package Includes: 1 x 24H Long-Lasting 5-in-1 Velvet Lipstick
-50% sale
Anti-Rust Paint - thedealzninja Anti-Rust Paint - thedealzninja
Anti-Rust Paint $27.99 $55.98
Feature Anti-corrosion&Anti-rust Our Anti-rust paint for metal is a perfect solution for renovation and rust prevention in one step. It has excellent UV resistance, corrosion resistance, and high fullness, and can improve the overall life of the coating and self-cleaning. The tough paint film has strong adhesion and superior stability. It is non-chalking and non-fading, and its service life can reach up to 50 years. Therefore, it is often used on ships and special equipment. Water repellent Our Anti-rust paint for metal is a high-performance product with a self-cleaning function, water repellent, and anti-fouling. based on the lotus leaf hydrophobic and impermeability principle, it is easy to cope with rainwater rinsing, with no color loss or paint loss. Eco-friendly and quick-drying Our Anti-rust paint for metal is Eco-friendly and quick drying, with 30 minutes of surface drying. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, Eco-friendly, and odorless. It is easy to cope with rain and will not cause color fading or paint loss. Get the best protection for your metal with our Anti-rust paint! Good rust transformation function Our Anti-rust paint for metal is a weakly acidic polymer compound that can be applied with rust. It has a good rust transformation function. Besides, it can also isolate the metal from air and moisture to prevent the exposed surface from oxidation and rusting again. Easy to operate First, use sandpaper to polish the substrate, clean it thoroughly, and ensure it is dirt-free. Then stir the paint evenly, and if there are any bubbles, remove them before brushing. When painting, it is necessary to brush thinly multiple times in one direction, usually twice. If the substrate is too deep, it must be brushed 1-2 times more (with a brushing interval of 2 hours). After brushing, it can be used the next day. After one week, the paint film will stabilize and try to avoid collisions to prevent damage to the paint film. Wide application range Our anti-rust paint for metal is made of high-quality raw materials, which is suitable for rusty railing, rusty factories, rusty color steel tile, rusty tin roofs, and other rusty metal materials. It applies to a variety of materials and can be widely used in the decoration and protection of bridges, oil tankers, roofs, walls, railings, plastic building materials, trains, aircraft, ships, automobiles, road signs billboards, highway guardrails, large steel structures. Specification Net content: (approx.)100g Product size: (approx.)6.2*5.8cm/2.44*2.28 inches Brush size: (approx.)9.7*1.3cm/3.82*0.51 inches Package Includes 1*Anti-Rust Paint 1*Brush
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Portable Electric Eyelash Curler - thedealzninja Portable Electric Eyelash Curler - thedealzninja
Portable Electric Eyelash Curler $22.99 $45.98
Portable Electric Eyelash Curler: Your Ultimate Beauty Companion! Elevate your lash game with our Portable Electric Eyelash Curler! Designed for modern, on-the-go individuals, this sleek beauty tool combines convenience, innovation, and stunning results.Say goodbye to manual curlers and hello to effortless, long-lasting curls that enhance your natural lashes. Whether you’re heading to a special event or simply want to feel fabulous every day, our electric eyelash curler is your secret weapon. Features and Benefits: Effortless Curling: The heated comb gently lifts and lengthens even the straightest lashes in seconds, without pinching or squeezing. Achieve beautifully curled lashes effortlessly. Long-Lasting Results: Our advanced technology ensures that your curls stay put throughout the day, eliminating the need for constant touch-ups. Safe and Effective: The non-stick silicone comb ensures a comfortable experience, while the indicator changes color when the curler is heated and ready to use. Compact and Portable: Slip it into your purse or travel bag for quick touch-ups wherever you go. USB Rechargeable: No need for batteries – simply charge it using the included USB cable. How to Use: Prep Your Lashes: Ensure your lashes are clean and mascara-free. Turn On: Press the power button to activate the heating element. Curl: Gently place the comb at the base of your lashes and hold for a few seconds. Move upward along the lash length for a natural curve. Repeat: For more defined curls, repeat the process. Finish: Apply mascara if desired and admire your beautifully curled lashes. Specifications: Material: High-quality plastic and non-stick silicone Heating Time: Ready to use within seconds Indicator: Changes color when heated Power Source: USB rechargeable (cable included) Size: Compact and travel-friendly Package Includes: 1 x Portable Electric Eyelash Curler 1 x USB Charging Cable User Manual
Sold out -50% sale
MopSquare - Household Microfibre Square Mop - thedealzninja MopSquare - Household Microfibre Square Mop - thedealzninja
MopSquare - Household Microfibre Square Mop $55.99 $111.98
Effortless Cleaning Anywhere In Your Home Introducing the MopSquare, a meticulously crafted mop that combines precision and functionality. Equipped with high-quality microfibre pads, it effortlessly tackles dust, dirt, and grime, leaving your floors impeccably clean and gleaming. With its unique square shape, this innovative mop easily reaches challenging corners and edges, guaranteeing a thorough cleaning for your entire home. Plus, the MopSquare features an ergonomic handle that ensures a comfortable grip and effortless maneuverability, making your cleaning experience a breeze. Key Benefits Effortless Cleaning - Say goodbye to stubborn messes and hello to the effortless cleaning power of the MopSquare. With the MopSquare, you can eliminate the need for hard scrubbing and excessive effort when cleaning your floors.Expansive Reach - Achieve a spotless house in no time. This adjustable MopSquare can casually fit and sneak into any nook or cranny with its intelligently designed square mop head.Spin Bucket System - Be ready to clean without hiccups when using the MopSquare. You can easily wring out water and dirt from the MopSquare by pressing it down on the handy spin bucket.Adjustable Pole - To make things better, the MopSquare comes with an adjustable pole so that you won't have to be uncomfortable when mopping. The pole itself even comes with rubber handles for easier maneuverability. Package Includes 1x Mop Bucket 1x Lid 1x Mop Head 6x Microfiber Mop Pads(Cloths) 1x Mop Sticks
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GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit - thedealzninja GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit - thedealzninja
GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit $19.99 $39.98
Elevate Your Look with GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit Transform your eye makeup instantly with captivating and sensual lashes using the GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit. Our magnetic eyelash clamp is crafted from premium stainless steel and boasts a powerful magnetic force. This breakthrough eliminates the need for manual clipping, effortlessly securing magnetic lashes with ease. Effortless Application Getting mesmerizing lashes is a breeze with the 3D Magnetic Eyelash Set. Simply follow these steps for flawless application: Hold the top lash over your eye, place it securely, then attach the bottom lash. GlowLash™ streamlines the process to a simple application, clip, and release, revolutionizing your eye makeup routine. Dual Functionality The GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit isn't just about magnetic lashes; it also serves as a bending tool. Its curved clamp design allows for additional bending after applying the lashes. Constructed with soft magnetic strips, it ensures a pain-free experience while safeguarding your delicate eyelashes. Compatibility and Features This 2-in-1 lasher is compatible with all brands of magnetic eyelashes, making it a versatile choice. Its robust magnetic force automatically fixes the lashes at the right angle, simplifying application and removal. Ergonomically designed for safety, it fits any eye shape and works seamlessly with all magnetic eyelashes. Durable and Safe Crafted from premium chemical fibers, GlowLash™ ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The package includes a magnetic eyelash clip and a magnetic eyelash set (8 pcs) to complete your eye-enhancing experience. Streamline your makeup routine and embrace effortless beauty with the GlowLash™ eyelash kit. How To Use Package included 1 set x GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit 1pc x EyeLash Clip
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