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Bamboo Vinegar Purify Patches - thedealzninja Bamboo Vinegar Purify Patches - thedealzninja
Bamboo Vinegar Purify Patches $16.99 $33.98
  EFERO Detox Patch will detox the whole body from unhealthy contaminants when you sleep! TOURMALINE: this exceptional mineral is known to improve blood circulation. Ionizes and activates molecules, eliminating foreign molecules. WOOD VINAGRE: contains more than 200 elements known to promote the elimination of toxins. SILICE: It is a highly fluid and porous substance. PERLITA: this crystalline rock improves fluidity and absorption. ARISE: It is used as a medicinal herb and is known to warm the body When used, the detox patch actually tends to reduce swelling in any area of the body, which is especially beneficial for people with kidney disease who experience swelling as one of their symptoms. Basic Cure (1 ZONE): takes 20 patches for 10 days. This option only applies to zone 1 for a period of ten days >> zone 1 for ten days. Full healing (3 ZONES): takes 40 patches for 20 days. For 20 days, this choice points to the three zones: zone 1 for 10 days, zone 2 for 5 days, and zone 3 for 5 days. Reinforced healing (3 ZONES): For 30 days, you'll need 60 patches. This choice points to the three zones: zone 1 (15 days), zone 2 (10 days), and zone 3 (5 days). Detox all kinds of major impurities on your body specifically: Heavy Metals Metabolic Waste Toxins Parasites Chemicals Cellulitis  Bamboo Detox Patches are similar to acupuncture in that they can help you detox a particular part of your body by simply putting a patch on your foot. If you wish to detox a specific part of your body, depends on the shown illustration above. Place a detox patch under each foot at night, make sure that the side without the text is facing your foot. After washing and drying your feet. It's simple to put together with the included adhesive. The spots are damp, brown, and have a foul odor in the morning. Throw them away; they're just good for one use only. The patches would be more or less wet and colorful at the end of detoxing and that means they succeeded! As the recovery continues, you'll find the following changes: The patch is initially very greasy and sticky. Your foot is sticky; a thorough foot wash is needed. The patch stays wet and colored after a variable delay, depending on the situation, so it is no longer saturated with moisture. Specifications:  Package content:1 Box includes 5pairs of patches (10pcs of herbal patches & 10pcs of adhesive stickers) Product Weight: 72g  
Heated Leg Massager For RLS Symptoms Heated Leg Massager For RLS Symptoms
Heated Leg Massager For RLS Symptoms from $88.99 $177.98
Introducing the Heated Leg Massager For RLS Symptoms – your ultimate companion for soothing those restless legs! 🌟  Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) can be downright frustrating, making you feel like your own body is rebelling against you. But fear not! Our innovative massager is here to bring relief and restore tranquility to your legs. Why Choose Our Heated Leg Massager? Targeted Relief: Designed specifically for RLS symptoms, this massager targets key pressure points in your legs. Say goodbye to that incessant urge to move! Warmth Therapy: The gentle warmth emitted by the massager soothes your legs, easing tension and promoting relaxation. It’s like a cozy hug for your limbs. Circulation Boost: These massages can significantly improve blood circulation, helping alleviate RLS symptoms. Better circulation means happier legs! Smart Design: Our massager wraps snugly around your calves and thighs, delivering a customized massage experience. Plus, it’s portable – use it at home, work, or while traveling. Easy Controls: Adjust the intensity and heat levels with user-friendly buttons. Find your sweet spot and let the magic unfold. How Does It Work? The Heated Leg Massager combines compression and heat therapy to tackle RLS head-on: Compression: The rhythmic air compression gently massages your legs, enhancing blood flow and reducing discomfort. Heat: The built-in heating element warms your muscles, easing tension and calming those restless sensations. What Makes Our Massager Stand Out? Scientifically Backed: A scientific study found that foot massagers can ease RLS symptoms1. Our massager takes it up a notch with targeted leg relief. Quality Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium materials, it’s durable, soft, and oh-so-comfortable. Versatile: Whether you’re binge-watching your favorite show or winding down after a long day, our massager fits seamlessly into your routine. Specifications: Material: dirt-resistant linen+breathable mesh inside Power: 5W Rated voltage: 3.7V Battery capacity: 1800mah Packages Includes 1*Heated Leg Massager For RLS Symptoms
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Honeycomb Anti Collision Knee Pads - thedealzninja Honeycomb Anti Collision Knee Pads - thedealzninja
Honeycomb Anti Collision Knee Pads $24.99 $49.98
COLLISION AVOIDINGIt is designed to effectively resist the impact force. By providing buffering external pressure, it can avoid knee patella and ligament injury, and perfectly relieve and disperse the impact.SUITABLE TO ANY SPORTSMainly used in contact sports such as basketball and football. It is also recommended for any sports where collisions may occur, such as volleyball, cycling, mountain climbing, running tennis, badminton or daily wear. Protect yourself from abrasions and scratches, or just keep your muscles warm and increase blood flow to your knees during recovery.PREMIUM HIGH QUALITYMade from high-density spandex, high elasticity, breathable, sweat-wicking and comfortable to wear. Its ergonomics design offers full protection and enables the movement with full flexibility, nicely brace your leg, knee and shin, never worry from slip off. Material: Spandex Colors: Black / White / Dark Blue 1 PC  x Honeycomb Anti Collision Knee Pads
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Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads - 3 Pairs - thedealzninja Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads - 3 Pairs - thedealzninja
Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads - 3 Pairs $17.99 $34.98
Wear Your Shoes with Comfort and Confidence!Get rid of foot pain when wearing high heels with these incredible Honeycomb Fabric Forefoot Pads! The thick, soft pads provide perfect cushioning for your forefoot to help improve the distribution of pressure and minimize foot problems such as Mortons, neuroma, callus, metatarsal foot pain, or bunions.These amazingly soft and breathable gel-based metatarsal pads are designed to adapt to the shape of our feet, provide support, mitigate pain, and decrease the pressure due to extended periods of standing, so you can finally enjoy the day and look confidently comfortable with your shoes on, free from foot pain. ⭐HIGHLIGHTS⭐ Amazing foot support - Relieves pressure on the ball of your foot and effectively adapts to the shape of your feet while alleviating various foot pain problems. Fast foot pain relief - Soft and thick pads provide cushioning, support, and reliability across the entire ball of your foot.  Unigender and one size fit all - Pads are moderately thick, conveniently sized, and flexible to stretch and fit most foot sizes.  Breathable and elastic - Made with a comfortable and stretchable fabric that reduces pressure on the forefoot without slipping and causing sweat.  Reusable and comfortable - Designed to stay odor-free all day and are reusable by cleaning with warm water and soap.  Non-showing foot pads - Conveniently designed to relieve foot pain and reduce pressure but easily hidden under your shoes when worn.  ⭐SPECIFICATIONS⭐ Material: Fabric Weight: 15g Color: White / Black / Beige ⭐PRODUCT INCLUDES⭐  Fabric Forefoot Pads x 3 Pairs 
JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil - thedealzninja JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil - thedealzninja
JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil from $19.99 $39.98
Emily Calascione submitted this photo of her journey using our product. Congrats on the success!“I have bunions galore and they're beginning to rest on the lining of the soles causing irritation. Ta-dah...in comes to JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil and it fixed the problem. This roller has not like the bunion pads to pull my skin. A friend then recommended I try this treatment roller to me. It is conveniently comfortable and has no mess application. The first time that I used it I can already feel relief and it also helps me to keep my big toe in proper alignment. It’s been weeks now and I’m proud to say that this roller has remarkably cured my bunion, my feet feel better and there is no more occasional pain even when I wear shoes. I can even go for a run or play sports games now perfectly fine. If you have a bunion I would HIGHLY recommend these rollers.”Step Up The ComfortJointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil with natural ingredients provides immediate pain relief due to bunions. 94% of users felt more comfortable.  We created our JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil that provides INSTANT and ONGOING RELIEF for bunion pain, arthritis, and post-surgery discomfort. Also, it helps you stay on the go with all-day comfort and relief.A bunion is a bony bump that forms on the joint at the base of your big toe. It occurs when some of the bones in the front part of your foot move out of place. This causes the tip of your big toe to get pulled toward the smaller toes and forces the joint at the base of your big toe to stick out. Signs and symptoms of bunions include:1. A raised lump on the outside of the base of the big toe2. swelling, redness, or soreness around the joint of the big toe3. Corns or calluses - these usually form where the first and second toes rub against each other4. persistent pain or pain that comes and goes5. Restricted movement of the big toe.Bunions usually become worse over time. They can be aggravated by: Tight or too-small shoes that cause your toes to crowd together and put pressure on your big toe Shoes that have high heels or pointy toes — these styles force your toes together Standing for long periods of time Arthritis symptoms in your feet Relieves bunion pain & stiffness in a Natural WayApplying the therapeutic oil to the surface of your toenails provides immediate relief from bunion pain, reducing pain and reducing shoe friction and shoe pressure. Standing for long periods of time can cause severe foot pain when you have bunions or overlapping toes. Use JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil to reduce pain and pain by penetrating and soothing the underlying tissue, with herbal ingredients to help relieve pain.It has a plant-based active ingredient and reduces shoe friction and pressure.  Quickly absorbs into the skin, leaving no sticky or greasy residue, it reduces pain and swelling, speeds up your metabolism, and relaxes tense joints.With a blend of essential oils plus plant-based active ingredients, this is a pain-relieving liquid that you apply to your skin for relief from minor pains. It contains essential oil for a pleasing scent. JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil comes in a convenient roll-on tube. This means no-mess application and no greasy residue. Simply roll a thin layer of product onto the skin.Developed by a team of foot experts, our easy-to-use bunion corrector is the result of 2+ years of research on exploring ways to relieve bunion pain. Clinical using of the JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil has discovered that people who used the treatment oil in the affected area were able to effectively recover bunion in long-term use. What Makes This JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil Be A GREAT CHOICE? ✅ Resolves Bunion Problems ✅ Plant-Powered Pain Relief ✅ Provides Fast Relief for Bunion pain ✅ Strong Anti-Inflammatory Properties ✅ Soothes Feet and Treats Soreness &Swelling ✅ Fragrance-Free Here are some of our happy customers:“ SO Grateful I Found These! These are amazing! I have a Taylor's Bunion on my left foot. Both are very painful and I had almost decided it was time to see a doctor when I discovered these. The very second I apply the oil over the bunion it stopped hurting! It fixed the problem.- Gale Stanfield“I believe it has prevented the bunion from worsening. I have developed a very bad bunion caused by standing so long at work while wearing uncomfortable shoes. But I didn’t notice the bunion isn’t getting worse. And they always get worse. I ordered this JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil. So I’m thankful for that. There are times when it is uncomfortable to apply oil on my toe. But overall I’m pleased and I’m glad I purchased it." - Kate ConnellyPACKAGE INCLUDED JointCare Anti Bunion Treatment Oil (60ml)
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