Propolis Lip Mask

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Propolis Lip Mask

$17.99 $35.98 -50% OFF

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Product description

Make your lips sweet as honey
Keeping your lips well-nourished and youthful-looking becomes harder as you age. Propolis Lip Mask can help you regain your lips’ vitality and beauty, organically, overnight!Our lip mask gives your lips a plump look and moisturizing feel throughout the day, at night the honey formula revitalizes your tissues and brings a lasting irresistible glowy look!

You can’t wind the clock back but you can bring your youthful lip look back with some help from the tireless bees and a drip of our organic solution for dried and damaged lips!
Why Propolis Lip Mask is for you
Nourishment from nature- Provide your lips with all the organic nutrients they need to stay healthy, silky smooth, and well-nourished!

Enrich your femininity- Add a touch of elegance to your everyday look, bring a sweet scent and a youthful color to your dried lips!
Valtaize your look- Help your lips stay moisturized, glowy and irresistible for the opposite sex with just a little dose each day!
Propolis Lip Mask is the ultimate choice- Keep your lips shiny and sweet well into your old age with a natural solution made by nature’s favorite workers!


✔ Rich in natural propolis, green propolis, royal jelly, containing a variety of vitamins, proteins, amino acids, and other nutrients, with a good moisturizing effect.

✔ The product contains rich moisturizing factors, which can quickly penetrate the skin, provide sufficient nutrition and moisture to the skin, and firmly lock the moisture, making the lips smooth and tender.

✔ Remove dead skin, improves lip skin - chapped and cracked lips.

✔ This product can effectively lighten the fine lines of the lips and make the lips more delicate and smooth.


Use a honey lip brush to apply propolis balm.

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