Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine

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Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine

$79.99 $159.98 -50% OFF

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Product description


Introducing the Mini Washing Machine, a compact and flexible solution designed to meet all your laundry requirements. This portable and foldable device combines versatility, efficiency, and convenience to provide you with an exceptional washing experience. Featuring a multi-purpose functionality, three-gear mode for optimal performance, simulated hand washing capabilities, and a foldable design, this innovative washing machine ensures effective results, no matter where you are.

Discover the ultimate convenience of our Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine, where washing and draining come together seamlessly. This versatile machine is engineered to handle more than just cleaning your clothes; it delicately removes excess moisture through its unique draining process. With this exceptional feature, not only will your garments be impeccably clean, but they will also be optimally prepared for drying.

Customize your washing experience with the intelligent three-gear mode of our Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine. With three different settings, you can choose the appropriate time and intensity for your specific laundry needs. Whether you have delicate garments or heavily soiled clothes, this machine can handle it all.

Enjoy the benefits of simulated hand washing with the 360° gentle washing feature of our Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine. This innovative technology ensures that your clothes are thoroughly cleaned without any damage. The strong decontamination and gentle rotation effectively remove dirt and stains, providing a level of cleanliness that surpasses traditional hand washing.

Say goodbye to bulky laundry appliances with the foldable design of our Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine. When not in use, simply press and fold it for compact storage. It easily fits in your living room, balcony, or storage room, taking up minimal space. Additionally, its portability allows you to bring it along on trips, ensuring clean clothes no matter where you go.

Despite its compact size, our Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine boasts a large capacity of 8L. Its 10W strong washing power ensures thorough cleaning, allowing you to wash personal clothes at any time without accumulating laundry. This feature is perfect for individuals or small households who value convenience and efficiency.

Upgrade your laundry routine with the Portable and Foldable Mini Washing Machine. Experience the convenience of its multi-purpose functionality, adjustable three-gear mode, and simulated hand washing. Embrace the space-saving and portable design that allows you to do laundry anytime, anywhere. Choose efficiency and effectiveness with the Portable and Foldable Washing Machine, your go-to solution for clean and fresh clothes on the go.


  • Multi-purpose: Washing and draining in one machine, multi-purpose, soft clothes, used in conjunction with the draining procedure, gently separate the residual moisture of clothes.
  • Three-gear Mode: Intelligent three-gear mode can meet your different needs, and you can choose the time according to the degree of clothing.
  • Simulated Hand Washing: 360 ° gentle washing does not damage the clothes, strong decontamination and gentle rotation of the clothes, clean and do not damage the clothes, which is cleaner than hand washing.
  • Folding Design: The foldable design does not take up space, and can be easily stored in the living room, balcony and sundries room by pressing. Compact and convenient to carry.
  • Large Capacity: 10W strong washing power, 8L capacity design, personal clothes can be washed at any time, and farewell to accumulation.


  • Material: Environmental protection ABS, electronic components
  • Waterproof grade: IPX4
  • Washing capacity: 8L
  • Rated power: 12W
  • Available Colors: Green, Purple
  • Product size: About 29.5 x 29.5 x 29cm / 11.61 x11.61 x11.41 inch
  • Folding height: About 14.5 cm / 5.70 inch


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