GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit

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Natural Fuller Luscious

GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit

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Natural Fuller Luscious

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Product description

Elevate Your Look with GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit

Transform your eye makeup instantly with captivating and sensual lashes using the GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit. Our magnetic eyelash clamp is crafted from premium stainless steel and boasts a powerful magnetic force. This breakthrough eliminates the need for manual clipping, effortlessly securing magnetic lashes with ease.

Effortless Application

Getting mesmerizing lashes is a breeze with the 3D Magnetic Eyelash Set. Simply follow these steps for flawless application: Hold the top lash over your eye, place it securely, then attach the bottom lash. GlowLash™ streamlines the process to a simple application, clip, and release, revolutionizing your eye makeup routine.

Dual Functionality

The GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit isn't just about magnetic lashes; it also serves as a bending tool. Its curved clamp design allows for additional bending after applying the lashes. Constructed with soft magnetic strips, it ensures a pain-free experience while safeguarding your delicate eyelashes.

Compatibility and Features

This 2-in-1 lasher is compatible with all brands of magnetic eyelashes, making it a versatile choice. Its robust magnetic force automatically fixes the lashes at the right angle, simplifying application and removal. Ergonomically designed for safety, it fits any eye shape and works seamlessly with all magnetic eyelashes.

Durable and Safe

Crafted from premium chemical fibers, GlowLash™ ensures durability and long-lasting performance. The package includes a magnetic eyelash clip and a magnetic eyelash set (8 pcs) to complete your eye-enhancing experience. Streamline your makeup routine and embrace effortless beauty with the GlowLash™ eyelash kit.

How To Use

Package included

  • 1 set x GlowLash™ Eyelash Kit
  • 1pc x EyeLash Clip
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