Derma'Pro Mole & Wart Remove Treatment Set

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Derma'Pro Mole & Wart Remove Treatment Set

$19.99 $39.98 -50% OFF

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Product description
Mole & Skin Tag Removal Solution

Let's face it - molesskin tags & warts are unsightly, bothersome & even embarrassing. These bumps and lesions can be contagious on the skin making the person suffering from them self-conscious. The powerful Mole & Skin Tag Removal Cream is formulated by wildcrafted yet potent herbs and natural ingredients to remove unwanted moles, warts, and skin tags.Within 1-3 weeks of usage, moles/warts fall off the skin surface leaving pink/unnoticeable scars. Any kind of mole or wart, big, small, old, new, stubborn, on face & body can be easily treated with this product.


  • Relief discomfort-alleviate pain and discomfort associated with the growth of the wart, moisture wart reduces friction on the surface of the wart so that the irritation caused by movements or contact is alleviated.
  • The quick-acting, effective-wart remove liquid penetrates and works quickly from the inside of the wart, breaking the wart structure from the inside out, giving you the result you want
  • Easy treatment for getting wart to remove liquid comes in convenient small bottles that are small and light to take with you, and it is easy to apply. Easy application means you can keep your treatment consistent and effective.
  • Safe for all ages-our wart remove liquid is safe even for children, who often get warts from their active lifestyle. With adult supervision, children can use wart remove liquid too!

  • Our skin tag remover is suitable for sensitive and normal skin, men and women, and can meet most people's needs for wart and skin tag removal.


  • Net Weight: 10ml + 10ml


  1. Apply the Removal Solution using a tooth stick precisely on the surface of the cleaned affected area.
  2. Let the cream sit for 10-15 minutes. The stinging feeling might be there for 5 - 10 minutes.
  3. Apply the Repair Solution 2-3 times every 4 hours
  4. Scabs form after a few days and fall off naturally

Package Includes:

  • 2 x Wood Applicators
  • 2 x Medical Cotton Applicators
  • 1 x Derma'Pro Mole & Wart Remover
  • 1 x Derma'Pro Mole & Wart Repair Lotion

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