Heavy Duty Furniture Mover Set (5Pcs)

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Heavy Duty Furniture Mover Set (5Pcs)

$44.99 $89.98 -50% OFF

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Product description

Moving your furniture is now made easier!

Why do we need a Furniture Mover Set?

You see, if you want a change in view and ambiance one way to do that is to change your house but that is so expensive.

The second thing you can do is to have a renovation of your house. Not the full-out renovation, just move your furniture and appliances here and there, change the curtains and color your walls. 

But that is a hard thing to do because sofa sets are really heavy. You even have the chance to damage your flooring or carpet.

But don’t freak out yet. Because there is an easy solution to that, the FURNITURE MOVER SET. Now you can move your furniture easily without exerting too much effort and force, and without damaging anything!

Well, honestly, I and the other housewives and husbands have found this tool useful to reach for things out of reach under the sofa set or under the bed. Really.

Why buy our Furniture Mover Set?

 It is the ultimate convenience tool for mothersMove furniture easily with the help of the lifting tool and the power wheels.

With this Furniture Mover Setyou are safe from injuries and your flooring is safe from damage. It is safer to lift and move furniture. Keep yourself away from back and hand injuries.

So versatileThis Furniture Mover Set can be used for furniture and home appliances. Use it on tiled floors, wooden floors, and laminated, and carpeted flooring.


  1. Put the lifter under the furniture and lift it up at least 2 inches.
  2. Put the power wheels on each leg or corner.
  3. Remove the lifter/pry plate.
  4. Start moving the furniture easily.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Question: Is the Furniture Mover Set durable?
Answer: The product is made with a high-quality steel body, a durable PVC plastic handle with an anti-slip design, and the four (4) wheel rollers are made with strong ABS plastic.

Question: How does it help with moving furniture?
Answer: Furniture Mover Set makes your furniture move more easily. Ergonomic design lets you lift and move your heavy furniture and appliances around the house while keeping you safe from injuries.

Question: Can it be used on tiled or wooden floors?
Answer: The Furniture Mover Set is suitable to use on hardwood floors, laminates, and carpets. To move your household like desks, beds, sofas, bookcases, pianos, refrigerators, and any heavy furniture at any time.

Question: Up to what weight can the wheels withstand?
Answer: The rolling wheels can withstand up to 150 KG/ 330 Lbs. to move furniture, home appliances, or heavy objects easily around the house without putting yourself in danger of injuries.

Question: Can the wheels rotate to change the rolling direction?
Answer: The lifter pads are 360° degree rotatable and conform to furniture legs, and appliance feet to hold securely and to change the rolling direction. Ideal for sofas, bookcases, tables, chairs, beds, pianos, washing machines, refrigerators, and many others.

Package Includes:

  • *1 lifter/pry plate
  • *4 wheels
  • *1 lifter

Move your furniture and appliances the easy way without injuries or too much effort, or even damaging your flooring because Furniture Mover Set is here to help you.

Get this set and you can start rearranging your house or just find lost items underneath your furniture.

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